torsdag 31. januar 2008

Raiding roles

Having one healer and a Tank doing karazhan gives flexibility, surely my druid can go dps when we only need one tank on mobs in etc karazhan.

Our guild has many people playing, and many of them have lvl 70 alts, so we can switch around when needed wich is quite good. Yesterday we went karzhan to take a few bosses, we wiped once on moroes but got ourself together second time and gave him a minor headache, was a bit more challenging since we only used two healers, but i found downranking HW is quit good and i have them key binded, but i have to learn use them more frecuently.

Went on to Operah, got big bad wolf, this is the fourth week in a row we had gotten him, he went down like butter, didint have time to use my Mana tide totem either before we were done^^,

We went and took attument since we had about 30 min left before raid time was over. Went down easy, so that 5 easy badges in one night.

Anyhow, i havent played enhancement since i went resto when we first started raiding karazhan, wich i guess is about 7months ago. So im wondering about trying it out again someday. We hade a enhancement shaman in raid yesterday, and he died quite a few times:P
If it was hes own fault i dont know but it seems wery easy overaggro when u dps as a enhancement shaman, suddenly your windfury prox like hell and ur threat goes DINGDING, u aggro and die, i am sure i could have saved him some times but i as not beeing fast enough on nature swiftness.

But im am starting to get enhancement gear together, when i get home ill have a trip into UB heroic and crossing my fingers for Boggspine Knuckles drop, they have perfect speed 2,60 and fairly good dps for beeing an off hand. Im going BG aswell and collecting honor, dont think im gonna buy any gear before season 4 is out, and merciless becomes aviable as honorpoints gear.

And after checking Cyron's Specc i know what to choose;-)

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