fredag 1. februar 2008


After dowing attuman, moroes and operah on Wednesday we got together a group for a 4hour run thursday to hopefully get som bosses down.
And boy did we!

The only down part today was the t4 token (pala,shaman,rogue) dropped and rogue had them alrdy and i was on my cow. We should atleast have one class that could use tokens that dropped but we didint think of that.

So we one shootted Curator, went shade of aran, one shotted him aswell:-D Went illhoof one shooted him:-O
Got to chess a lost first game xD but got it second time:-D
Went to prince, i switched to shaman so we could have 3 healers.

And holy mother of jesus we one shotted the prince himself!!!
This was truly amazing and our second time downing prince, we are used to wipe 3-4times before either calling it of ore take him down. T4 token (mage/lock/hunter) dropped and a one hand axe for our fury warrior.

So we still got half an hour before raid is over so we went to take maiden aswell, MT dropped out was replaced with a rogue, i switched back to my tank Imacow. We started the fight and after 2min we wiped, only having one priest to dispell was kinda hard as he was healing at the same time, so we ressed and rebuffed, and changed tactics, we let the priest consentrate on dispelling and the resto druid would heal me as first priority and dps second.

And we got the girl in skirt down:-D Our priest got Shard of vitorius wich was about 50+ healing upgrade for him, + stats:-D he has to get it enchanted ;D

So only 1 wipe on bosses in one night! and only 6g rep aswell:-D And 13 badges i think it was, amazing.

We are doing really well at the moment, many people are attending to the raids and its just wonderfull to see, so proud of everyone<3

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