fredag 25. januar 2008

Kara, Heroic and Deathwing

Last night we did kara, thursday is our raiding night, we raid other days aswell if we have enough people, i came in with my druid as dps since my latency was bad as usuall, i live in Oslo with a wireless network, on top of that, its on a hotell, so when other millitary people comes home, guess what? Latency usually hits 1000-1500ms. But since i scheduled the raid they were kind to let me dps and another druid tank along with a prot warr.

We skipped Attumen since we wanted to clear all the way to curator/shade of aran.
So we went straight to Moroes, i was tank/dps on the adds we were taking down before nuking Moroes, went smooth with some shackle breaks by people here and there, but it was not a big problem, innervated one of our healer went back to taking the last add and then dpsing down Moroes.

Can remember Moroes beeing a really pain in the butt before, first time we took him one of our hunters was last man standing, he got last mob trapped and looted Moroes just in time before he was dead, the joy screamed out on VT, dont know how many times we wiped on him before finally downing him but quite many tries, now hes just another ''gimme your badge boss'', nothing intressting dropped, the dagger got DE as far as i rememberd.

Was on 4 place on dps list wich was ok, since i was still having 1000 latency.
We cleared out way to Operah and sendt one of our guys naked inside to see what what boss we where fighting, I got DC at this time but came in to hear we had Big Bad Wolf, i became Red riding hood second time and died, dont know it was cause of my latency ore not sticking into the corners more. Have to work on that i guess, so i was down and boss on 85%, we had 2-3 other aswell dying, mage tried using ice block didint quite work:p
But the rest of them did well beeing Red Riding Hood and got that wolf down. wish i had my shaman instead of druid since Big Bad Wolfs Head dropped, and would go good with dps gear, so it got DE, and a lock got new pants.

Went backdoor into karazhan to skip some groups, got to the statue room before Curator and then many on the server got lag.......
Dam, so we took 15 min break just to see if people could get back on, half hour later we took the two mini curator mobs, and after that people got dc again so we called it a night.

Deathwing and our battleground Bloodlust have had months with the problem with lags on server and in BG, especially AV, on our forum we had a topic abut migrating but we will wait and see if blizzard will fix it in the near future.
HAvent played much AV lately cause of that, im finding Eye of the storm more like my playground as a druid.

Before raid i did daily heroic with the guild, went wery smooth with everybody just joking around on VT, i honestly had to make them listen at second boss since they wasnt paying that much attencion^^,
Wiped since i was mistaken of wich cave was open first and my grp was standing where they came out, we ressed rebuffed and tried again, we made it but was close on dying. I was wery eager, to eager and went straight at boss after last mob was down, so i went down after about 20sek, but had my freind (who started the game along with me check 1post:P), took on his shield and tanked that boss, and we made it:-D
Got down last boss aswell, had to in grp dying of his AOE, i battle ressed one and we got him down, no tanking shoulders this time either but one day^^,

So after dong kara that night i had enough Badges for tanking back wich cost 35 badges. I also changed my neck with a necklase of the deep, gemmed it
with 2x 4gi+6 stam.

So now my bear has 25350 armor, 26% dodge and 14k HP unbuffed, pretty nice i must say:-)

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Cryon sa...

My guild had the same latency issues back in BWL, which was sad, since we never got the first boss down because of it.

Lately, this DC madness has reared his ugly head again, leaving us with healers missing or tanks gone.

Funnily, this is since Christmas... I see a connection between the new people on the server, which are alot and the latency.

Cowcontroll sa...

Its really a pain in the butt, many dont have that much spare time to play, so who wanna play when u just lag out in BG's and disconnect in raids.

Other people who also were in kara that night had maiden at 9% when it started and she was dead when thay came back:P But they couldnt loot:s so thats badges and epics goen for a week, another guild had netherspite at 10% and ppl dc-ed and they wiped.

Its truly fustrating and this has been going on since November atleast.