onsdag 23. januar 2008

Wich one to 80 first?

But first, what about raiding?
I would love too see gruuls lair, ssc, the eye, mount hyjal, BT, tbh every end game instance but i dont see that coming true, cause ill never leave my casual freinds friends guild. I have been in gruuls lair once, but that lasted for about 5mins and wipe, (was a pug and their last try for the night).

So the most i have seen for endgame is Karazhan (dont know if i can call it endgame), we have not completed karazhan yet but hope to do that someday, ive seen Zul'aman (went in myself and banged on the front door, noone answerd so they probly wasnt home).

And thats about it, does it bothers me? Yes abit since it is something i really want to do, i bet many in my guild would like the same and im sure many other out there feels the same way.

So i hope ill see atleast one successfull 25 manns raid before WotLK comes out this year, its 25% about the loot and 75% about the experience of downing a new boss and yelling in joy and happyness on Ventrilo with teammates, i got now 3 lvl 70 chars and one upcoming, havent played on the rogue since christmas but its will be 70 someday, and i guess one of my many alts will aswell if not two alts will be 70 before WotLK, and im truly gonna go for raiding with one of them when i hit 80, when TBC came out i was still leveling my shaman and never experienced how raiding and pvp was at lvl 60.
I know how pvping is at lvl 70 but i think it was more fun at lvl 60, its was bigger crowds and they had places like eastern and western plaugeland where they did their pvping and making movies about it, now the wow players are split with many beeing in outland and many in azeroth.

So when WofLK comes out i will see witch of my chars will be the first to 80.
Maybe they have cool new talent trees and even better abilities to learn.

My shamans been a healer since the start of my karazhan carrieer, i respecced elemental but i got ganked hard by a rogue in skettis like 20minutes later and specced resto permanently after that, noone is gonna come here and kick my butt like that without feeling my Shamanistic rage! Once killed a ms warr while doing the Ogri'la fragment quest, just put on Earth sheild and sending my fire elemental after him, silly boy that was, disturbing me doing quest.

My mage is going in BG mostly, its crap geared and im just playing it for fun, and i miss while playing if beeing able to heal myself, gift of the naaru does not do the trick tbh:p

I really enjoy plaing on my druid, its gives me flexibility, i can tank heal and dps, and cc aboit in pvp, and as i get better at it, i enjoy it even more=)
And someday i will have epic mount on it and level up mining and skinning probly and make more money:-D

So atm my 2cents is on the druid, since its the class beeing able to Tank dps and heal best from my point of view, maybe im wrong but its how i see it.

Well thats how i see it today, i dont feel like playing a death knight, i rather play thoose i have atm.

As for raiding, one day i will be up with the big boys, i just know it;p

So i ask you dear reader, are you gonna play when WotLK is out? what char will you level up ore are you gonna make yourself a death knight? And what are you most exited about with the new expancion, im really looking forward to that pvp area zone, think it will spice pvp up bigtime!

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Cryon sa...

I will play when WoTLK comes, but I can easily wait for it. I want to see all of the endgame content first.

Cowcontroll sa...

As to endgame i really hope i can see the content, but i guess when were coming to may/june/july guilds around the world will just cool down on raiding and just do other stuff until expancion, well that what i heard from people pre-tbc, but time will show i guess:)