fredag 14. desember 2007

What! I cant tank either now?:<

Sorry for not posting this week, had enoough to do at work and so much to do ingame:p

Well ill continue my how it all began story later since i dont hav any low lvl pics on my pc, but will get them on the blogg when i get home to christmas. Times goes by so fast theese days, christmas in 10 days! YIKES!:o

Well anyways, i have to lvl 70, one hawt troll and a stunning goo looking cow wich is a nature loving creature and is abit feminime with his tailoring proffesioos, he rly likes to make robes and nice pinky shirts he can walk around with while disenchant things he doesnt like to have in his bags, and when he disenchant, its appears as a pinky stardust, it smells good and sells good, but sometimes he needs it to make his robes and pink shirts look nicer.

So now u know my feminime side of my cow, but what you dont know is that this cow knows hes stuff, he likes messing with the big boys and yesterday he did this aswell.

As my cow needs Cenarion reputation i was wery happy that Slave Pens was Daily Quest today, wich would give me many badges and even more cenarion rep.
Didint tak loong to get a group either, got a priest healer, mage, ms warrior, rogue and me and my cow who was gonna tank.
Starting to get used to this instance, its probly my favorite heroic instance, its not that hard either:-)

Pulled group without any problem, cc/tanking and healing went like a dream, this was gonna go quick i thought, but not today.
We got to the two defenders in the corridor before boss, theese two hits hard and i asked if i shud tank both ore warrior of tank, warrior said hed like to OF and took on his tank gear on. We pulled, 8seconds later warrior dies, and i try getting aggro back but the mage got the aggro and runs away and im not close enough to charge either, we get one defender down before group dies, but we try looking at the positive side that there is only one more defender to boss. We ress, buff up then it comes:
''Imacow i got a epix warrior coming in to take ur place, he has crazy gear''.
So i ask if its a joke and hes not kidding, he complaines that i dropp to much in hp and im not doing it right, we had no problems before the wipe on guardians. Im maybe not full epixx since ive been 70 on my druid for three weeks. But i would never gone inot a heroic if i knew i wouldt have been prepared for it. Have tanked 3-4 heroics before, and went good np. My current stats is at 23,5k armor in bear and 11k hp unbuffed, had about 16k hp buffed, and im critt immune.
I try convinsig the priest to just move along and let us finish this since we are doing great.
Luckely im grp leader and cant get kicked, so he tell everybody else to leave and rejoin a group with him cause he really wants to do this instance fast cause he do not have much time.
Dont really see it wud be faster to get a new tank, restart the instance, cause we were one mob from boss!!
Well they all leave, and ofc i do not give them leader, so then in guild chat, whine a little, and ask if they want to do heroic SP, and vola, 10min later we got grp again, but one rogue from LFG.
We downed the boss, piece of cake.
Dont know what was up with this rogue, but he went bersherk with every mob pull, he pulled himself, zapping one mob, blinding the other and dpsing the other, diditn tell him anything cause i have grouped with this kind of people before and know what a-holes they can be. And always in party chat he said ''can we speed up plx''?? ''pull pull'' do this do that''!
reminds me of one of the newest Dark legacy comics out, if u havent checked it out you should, great comic.

Our guild healer had to leave cause he had an invite to Gruul's Lair, (didint go wery well though):P
So vi get our fresh lvl 70 Priest healer inn, and the boy could heal, tbh i have 12 badges on my shaman, mostly from kara, wich tells i have not been going much heroics on him, ut been healing Steam Vault and SP once heroic, think that it, and got a proxifier kilt (cloth), much more healing and gems than my other mail healing pants.

And they rogue left us after a while, so we got aother lock in the grp frmo our guild, so now we were 1 druid tank, 1 pries, and tree warlocks, not the best CC, but i belive any group setup can make it, and we did;) Feas and dots all over, me charging all over the place picking up on feared mob after the other.

We downed the boss aswell after third attempt, not that easy beeing fresh lvl 70 healing heroics:-D and me not having much dodge either didint help, droppe som leather rogue/druid pants i got, we were finally finished. So did not play much wow that day since i was abit tired being in Slave Pens for 4-hours;>

lørdag 8. desember 2007

Playing a shaman

Levling my shaman was sure fun, killing pigs back in Valley of trials wasnt that hard, even used my actionsbars more, to play the shaman was pretty much the same as playing a druid, i could heal myself, i casted lightning blots wich was simiar to wrath on the druid at lower levels, but what i found hard doing was the Quest for all my totems, the fire, air, water and earth Quest, didint know what thottbot was either on that time , so had to look for it on my own, since my mate started tauren he was ''miles'' away from me, (over at mulgore but it a long walk on my troll feet) and running through barrens could get me killed at lvl 10=O

I started playing shaman after their greatness time as enhancement specced, and what ive heard is that they could kick anyone, anywhere, anytime with not too much effort to it.

And reading afterwards on forums all the wining about how hard it is to level a shaman, well since this was my first character i had nothing to compare it with leveling, but i can say it now after leveling up my druid aswell, leveling a shaman compared to a druid was harder, but i guess since shaman was my first char it took longer time finding out what to do on a quest, and where too do it:P and i was not sure what to do with all the totmes:P And that a mob with a grey dragon around its name was harder to kill than regular mobs was something i found out pretty quick leveling in barrens:P

Talent spec was never a problem, i just asked on my guilds forum what spec to level with as shaman, didint take long to finding enhancment as the way to go, and i liked this spec wery much, and when getting windfury on them, a god day that was=)

I rememeber i burned out leveling my shaman for a couple of weeks, played more Call of duty at that time, mostly because my tauren warr friend and troll rogue friend level much faster than me, think this was at lvl 36, think i have a screenshot on my old pc of me standing At the inn in Hammerfall, ill post it when i get back home to christmas.

But i got the spirit back one day and catched up with them both:p

Btw taking abit about totems, i never really knew what grounding totem did at all before i played on a mage i have on ally side, i duelled witha freind there who has a shaman, i poom pyroed and the totem just ate the whole pyroblast:< this is approximatly 1 and a half month since i discovered xD

Something else i enjoyed with trolls was using my emotes, the troll dance was just soo hawt, and the silly humor, and they sang this great song ''i kill two dwarf in the morning, i kill two dwarfs at night, i kill two dwarfs in the evening and then i feel alright'' ore something simillar, loved that joke:-D To bad blizzard removed that joke after a patch back in the days:<
My teory is that the dwarf community got offended by the joke and made a post on wow forums, probly something like this: ''NERF TROLL JOKES''!!!

fredag 7. desember 2007

How it all started part 2

So me and my mate was enjoying the game alot, we went on fotball training this day i got my bear form, had read abit about druids before starting it so i knew i would get it after doing a quest at lvl 10, so i was sure my friend had no clue about what it was, so i told him on fotball training that i had something he didint have, and he would have to wait until he go online to see what it was, suprised i was when i saw him standing in th middle of Ashenvale city dancing in the bear form:-O He had gotten it yesterday allready^^,

As i have told in part 1 my cousin had a druid on this server, dont remember exactly the level but around 35-40. I speaked with him over skype and he said he was online, so i tried to add him to my freind list, hmm thats odd: ''player not found'', must have misspelled it, nope its says ''player not found'' oh god how many times i had tried typing in his name over and over again:< But then he thought, ill come meet you in Ashenvale, so we found a place both could get too, so there we was, at the same place in Ashenvale, but we cant see
eachother:-O So we gave it up that day.

Told the story to a friend of my IRL and ingame, he told me im probly in wrong region, and hell i was xD Me and my friend created our account on , and thats the page for people wanting to play in the US region, me and my mate are both skandinavians so we should play in europe servers, and u have to registrate your account on so we had played from lvl 1 to lvl 16 without knowing that we where on the completely wrong region, but they speak english in the US so how could we know xD

I had a gnome on the server aswell, a gnome rogue lvl 10 i think, i made contact with another gnome ingame aswell, we did quest together and talk abit together, he was not online at the time i was leaving the server to create the account on EU server, so i sendt him a ingame mail were i apologised about leaving and said the reason, i wished him the best of luck and sendt him every penny i had, wich was 50s at the time, kinda miss him;< Hope he got over me and found someone else:-)

My friend had downloaded the EU patches already when i came home one day, he lives about 1mile away from me, i had been to my part time jobb at the time wich was at a workshop store, the patched had taken him all night downloading, so instead of me waiting all day for the patches on my pc getting downloaded, i jumped in my batmobile and took of,its really a suzuki ts50x.....but cant say these is any difference=D

So i got the patches from his pc, he was playing something ingame, it was a big cow, called tauren and was called warrior, this was on another server were our mate hade a troll rogue and he was in a norwegian guild called Buffplz with norwegian people only, its a friends friends guild wich applied nicely to us, since my troll rogue mate is realted to the Guild master girlfriend.

I dont know really why we didint level up on lightings blade again with my cousin, think we was abit tired of playing all the way to lvl 16 (yes it can take darn long time beeing a first characther). So i think i disappointed my cousin by not leveling up something on his server, i tried doing this later but only got to lvl 16 with a druid, and its still lvl 16. But luckely my cousin made a undead mage this summer on my server and is now level 70:-D We do ogri'la Quest together, talk alot an so on:) (his druid at lighting blade is 70 awell, yey:-D)

So i was gonna make myself a hordie now, i had seen my friends on a tauren warrior and on a troll rogue, and i thought troll was uber cool! so i choosed troll male as race, and started to search the internett for what the different classes could do, and when i read that shamans could turn themself into a wolf that could run 40% faster at lvl 20, and they had totems that gave them improved survival and strenght, i just simply fell in love with them.

There i was starting my epic journey on my shaman:-)

(P.S just got epic flying mount on the shaman today, happy as a boy can be:-D)

torsdag 6. desember 2007

My first post How it all started part 1

So here i am, been one of thoose blogg reader for about 3weeks now, so i thought, should i try make a blogg? Am i good enough for blogging?

Ill try my best, and i hope someone out there will enjoy reading it:)

Got me two lvl 70, one Tauren druid and one Troll shaman on the server Deathwing, been playing for about a year now and enjoyed every bit of it, the people i have meet, the game exploring and going from beeing a ''just trying the game person'' to become an active wow player

Before i started wow, ore when i just started playing wow i was in A Call of Duty clan called P*A*G aka Power And Glory, this guild had people from Belgium, Nederland, England, Romania and meself from Norway. We were playing sniper only maps and had scrims often (scrims will be the same as wow players call Arena) theese scrims could be from 2vs2 and up to about 12vs12, u could have even bigger, but its confusing enough having this many players on the same map.

We had homepage, TS (teamspeak), and even a P*A*G movie, showing some of our players skills, still have that film on my pc luckly before they removed the homepage.
There were many maps in the game, we went through tactics, who goes were, and who does what. A jolly good game and i meet some fantastic people that ill probably never forget either.

Then came wow, my cousin had bought this game and said it was wery neat, at this period wow had allready been out for 2 years and we had heard all about how addicting the game was from the media of course, and all the wierd thing about ppl playing cows and fighting demons, someone even payed for other to level their chars! ''woot'' thought i, some even bought in game goldO_o
So i was not so sure about stepping into this world, had another freind allready playing this game, had a troll rogue, and it could stealth and all thees cool tricks with something called engineering.

So i asked another friend who already started his MMO career as a EVE-online player, he had not played that long but he liked the game, but agreed joining me and purchasing World of Warcraft.
So 1week later the game was in the mail, inserted the cd and started the loooong install prosses, but while the machine did that i went to and registrated an account.

(P.S i had to get a whole new credit card so i could use it on the internett registrating since i wasnt 18 yet:<, still uses that card for wow bill paying only lol, dont even remember Pin code xD)

My friend had gotten the game from me earlier that day and was installing it aswell, so we went on skype i think and talked about expectations, characthers etc.
And there we where, finsished installing the game, installing the patches aswell, wich took a hell of a lot more time than we thought, but i guess thats u get for not playing the game before 2 years has gone since release:p

So we logged inn, picked alliance side, oh look a nelf, tall and handsome and with a long strong haircut... well so we thought back then:-D we made our characthers at lightnings blade server, and we were going to meet up with my cousin ingame when he came online.

Me and my mate started talking to the nelf around in the big old forest, kind people they were, giving us quest about kill this and kill that, speak to miss and mrs and so on. was fun, think i raised my staff skill to max since i didnt know what the hell that action bars was there for, so wacked the hell out of everything i saw in the area, poor critters;<

More to come.