fredag 23. mai 2008

Age of Conan.

Well i am around, still reading bloggs everyday but ive been very lazy and havent posted anything lately.

My rogue is now lvl 70 and i got myself 4 lvl 70's now. Got her epic bracers for honor yesterday and will try to get her some more. Our guild have had trouble getting together 25mann raid lately, but im casual som i am ok with it, been doing kara atleast so i can get my dose of badges and off specc gear, almost full enhancement gear in bank so think i am gonna have some fun with that later on.

Anyways im gonna try out Age of Conan, hopefully its not sold out yet so im gonna go have a look after work for it.

I am gonna try to blogg alittle bit about it, and give you my opinion on the game, many people from the guild i levled my chars on now plays AoC and i am looking forward to play with them, since i have met them IRl aswell.

So il hope i am able to get the game today and play some, not sure what class i want to be.

Since im wery used to be a healer, so im aiming for Bear shaman ore maybe i am gonna try something new, maybe archer, hope my PC will run the game OK atleast.