onsdag 30. januar 2008

Told ya Prince:-D

After a whole weekend with karazhan runs and kill our way to prince, and having prince on 3% 2% and 1% the big boy went down!:-D

I was not there thought to see our first prince kill, i promised a friend of mine to see Alien vs Predator with him, since we did not do that friday/saturday/sunday:p

They wiped about four times i think before he went down, speaked with one of them about their fight yesterday and he said they were really lucky getting him down, if the fight had lasted 10 more seconds they probably would have wiped since once again they got a infernal landing right on top of them. Tier 4 helm went to paladin, a mage got necklase (dont know if there were antoher drop ill check it later)

The video is on the Youtube you can check it out here

We have a guild homepage aswell, with a public forum if there is anything u are wondering about;-) The page is here

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