torsdag 31. januar 2008

Raiding roles

Having one healer and a Tank doing karazhan gives flexibility, surely my druid can go dps when we only need one tank on mobs in etc karazhan.

Our guild has many people playing, and many of them have lvl 70 alts, so we can switch around when needed wich is quite good. Yesterday we went karzhan to take a few bosses, we wiped once on moroes but got ourself together second time and gave him a minor headache, was a bit more challenging since we only used two healers, but i found downranking HW is quit good and i have them key binded, but i have to learn use them more frecuently.

Went on to Operah, got big bad wolf, this is the fourth week in a row we had gotten him, he went down like butter, didint have time to use my Mana tide totem either before we were done^^,

We went and took attument since we had about 30 min left before raid time was over. Went down easy, so that 5 easy badges in one night.

Anyhow, i havent played enhancement since i went resto when we first started raiding karazhan, wich i guess is about 7months ago. So im wondering about trying it out again someday. We hade a enhancement shaman in raid yesterday, and he died quite a few times:P
If it was hes own fault i dont know but it seems wery easy overaggro when u dps as a enhancement shaman, suddenly your windfury prox like hell and ur threat goes DINGDING, u aggro and die, i am sure i could have saved him some times but i as not beeing fast enough on nature swiftness.

But im am starting to get enhancement gear together, when i get home ill have a trip into UB heroic and crossing my fingers for Boggspine Knuckles drop, they have perfect speed 2,60 and fairly good dps for beeing an off hand. Im going BG aswell and collecting honor, dont think im gonna buy any gear before season 4 is out, and merciless becomes aviable as honorpoints gear.

And after checking Cyron's Specc i know what to choose;-)

onsdag 30. januar 2008

Told ya Prince:-D

After a whole weekend with karazhan runs and kill our way to prince, and having prince on 3% 2% and 1% the big boy went down!:-D

I was not there thought to see our first prince kill, i promised a friend of mine to see Alien vs Predator with him, since we did not do that friday/saturday/sunday:p

They wiped about four times i think before he went down, speaked with one of them about their fight yesterday and he said they were really lucky getting him down, if the fight had lasted 10 more seconds they probably would have wiped since once again they got a infernal landing right on top of them. Tier 4 helm went to paladin, a mage got necklase (dont know if there were antoher drop ill check it later)

The video is on the Youtube you can check it out here

We have a guild homepage aswell, with a public forum if there is anything u are wondering about;-) The page is here

søndag 27. januar 2008

One of these days Prince, one of these days!

I was not gonna play wow this weekend, i was really to travel home to my familiy since i havent seen them since 1 of january, dam time goes fast, to fast if you ask me. It takes me 9-10 hours with buss to get home, but its worth it:-) It's not always easy beeing 19 years old and staying that far away from everybody in your familiy and friends, but its a part of growing up i guess.
Its was some roadsblock because of bad weather back home so there was no reason for me taking the buss.

So i signed up for karazhan sunday, we had cleared our way to curator friday but as i wrote 2post ago we had to stop there since many had server lag. We had to pug people, oh trouble init:-O We usuall use suicide as our loot system, but since we had two pug people we used roll system. Had a pug MT (feral druid) and me OF (feral druid) since he was better geared than me, and a pug fury warr.

Fury warr died 3-4times because he did not think about his threat at all, paladin asked if he wanted threat reduce aura. But he only wanted moar dps so thats his problem if he continue dying. We downed curator on first try, and there it was, priest/warrior/druid t4 gloves, and we had about 5 people that could use it so we rolled, and was i happy when my 96/100 came in:-D so my first tier ever since i started wow about 1 year ago.

Went for shade of aran aswell, but we wiped due some had never been here and some moving at flame wreath:-D
Fury warr had gotten enough of us and said ''this guild sucks!'' and DC-ed. Pug MT apologised about him acting that way, but we replaced him with another dps, we wiped about 2more times, but we finnally got him down with noone dying:-)

I gave my place to our MT for chess event, hoping for his tanking sword to dropp, but it i didint drop this time either;< (feral dps shoulder dropped though and feral tank had them already, so the went to our Resto druid:P)
So i had on speakers and listened to my guild making their way to Prince, i listened to their first two attempts while reading but i feel asleep after that:O)

So i logged in sunday asking around if they made it, but they wiped four times before calling it a night.

I got my wellfare gladiator shoulders sunday and gemmed them up, looks really nice with my tier4 gloves;p

And sunday night came, we went in karazhan this time i was on my shaman with a strong team to take on Prince.

Decided to take Illhoof first since we were one trahs group away from him.
We wiped twice, the sacrife went down to slow and adds were going down to slow, and he enraged and everyone blowed up^^,
Second time the tank did something wrong, he didint say what it was, but to say it this was Illoof was running around crazy xD

Third time it went smooth, healers not going oom ever, i ended up having 6000/11459 mana after he was down, and i dpsed quite alot when noone needed heals.
With water shield last 10 minuttes instead of 1minute it keeps my mp5 wery well, had pala buff, totem and shadow priest in grp that made my mp5 going up to about 200mp5<3<3 that really love<3 and wery noticeable:-D

And then that dranei Prince, we had two hours of learnig him good this time. I got bad latency two first attempts and we wiped with me going DC in fase two and one healer dying and, that leaves us 1healer. Third time one of our mage keyboard went bananas and the door was closed and we had to do prince with 9people, and wipe again.

Fourth time it went good, lucky with infernals over and over, had two dying but got battle ressed (3druid in raid, i was on my shaman)


Dang, that a kick in the nutts, but were not giving up, wipe ress rebuff and engage. Dam warlock down, dam rogue down, this at 80% and we had no battle ress ready, but going smooth, lucky with infernals, lucky with infernals again,

/mashing keyboard with head!

1min later after the sobbing on VT is calming down one person says, ''wow guys, we alomst 8manned prince, he had only 22000HP left. And you start thinking, ''wow, that is impressive''. We didint try again, mobs is starting to respawn, but what a team spirit, everybody was on their was inside and back to prince, but we called it a night cause of the respawns.

Wow 1% and then a kinda 8man on 2%. I was thiniking ''Why didint i shot 10-11 lightning blots at last fight, he would be down, but done is done. Im impressed by everyone beeing on this weekend to do karazhan.

P.S Prince we are coming or ya, just wait, dont feel to safe m8 , ur going down and when you do, im goina grabb that silly big tail of your's and trow you of the terrace!

fredag 25. januar 2008


My cousin that made me join the world of warcraft is starting his own blogg, lets see whats on his mind when he gets into writing:-)

We should really make some pvp movies together=) Maybe ill put up a duel list so well see who wins and lose most:P i really like duelling him with on my druid, there is allways 50/50 between us^^,

Anyways here is his page.

Kara, Heroic and Deathwing

Last night we did kara, thursday is our raiding night, we raid other days aswell if we have enough people, i came in with my druid as dps since my latency was bad as usuall, i live in Oslo with a wireless network, on top of that, its on a hotell, so when other millitary people comes home, guess what? Latency usually hits 1000-1500ms. But since i scheduled the raid they were kind to let me dps and another druid tank along with a prot warr.

We skipped Attumen since we wanted to clear all the way to curator/shade of aran.
So we went straight to Moroes, i was tank/dps on the adds we were taking down before nuking Moroes, went smooth with some shackle breaks by people here and there, but it was not a big problem, innervated one of our healer went back to taking the last add and then dpsing down Moroes.

Can remember Moroes beeing a really pain in the butt before, first time we took him one of our hunters was last man standing, he got last mob trapped and looted Moroes just in time before he was dead, the joy screamed out on VT, dont know how many times we wiped on him before finally downing him but quite many tries, now hes just another ''gimme your badge boss'', nothing intressting dropped, the dagger got DE as far as i rememberd.

Was on 4 place on dps list wich was ok, since i was still having 1000 latency.
We cleared out way to Operah and sendt one of our guys naked inside to see what what boss we where fighting, I got DC at this time but came in to hear we had Big Bad Wolf, i became Red riding hood second time and died, dont know it was cause of my latency ore not sticking into the corners more. Have to work on that i guess, so i was down and boss on 85%, we had 2-3 other aswell dying, mage tried using ice block didint quite work:p
But the rest of them did well beeing Red Riding Hood and got that wolf down. wish i had my shaman instead of druid since Big Bad Wolfs Head dropped, and would go good with dps gear, so it got DE, and a lock got new pants.

Went backdoor into karazhan to skip some groups, got to the statue room before Curator and then many on the server got lag.......
Dam, so we took 15 min break just to see if people could get back on, half hour later we took the two mini curator mobs, and after that people got dc again so we called it a night.

Deathwing and our battleground Bloodlust have had months with the problem with lags on server and in BG, especially AV, on our forum we had a topic abut migrating but we will wait and see if blizzard will fix it in the near future.
HAvent played much AV lately cause of that, im finding Eye of the storm more like my playground as a druid.

Before raid i did daily heroic with the guild, went wery smooth with everybody just joking around on VT, i honestly had to make them listen at second boss since they wasnt paying that much attencion^^,
Wiped since i was mistaken of wich cave was open first and my grp was standing where they came out, we ressed rebuffed and tried again, we made it but was close on dying. I was wery eager, to eager and went straight at boss after last mob was down, so i went down after about 20sek, but had my freind (who started the game along with me check 1post:P), took on his shield and tanked that boss, and we made it:-D
Got down last boss aswell, had to in grp dying of his AOE, i battle ressed one and we got him down, no tanking shoulders this time either but one day^^,

So after dong kara that night i had enough Badges for tanking back wich cost 35 badges. I also changed my neck with a necklase of the deep, gemmed it
with 2x 4gi+6 stam.

So now my bear has 25350 armor, 26% dodge and 14k HP unbuffed, pretty nice i must say:-)

onsdag 23. januar 2008

Wich one to 80 first?

But first, what about raiding?
I would love too see gruuls lair, ssc, the eye, mount hyjal, BT, tbh every end game instance but i dont see that coming true, cause ill never leave my casual freinds friends guild. I have been in gruuls lair once, but that lasted for about 5mins and wipe, (was a pug and their last try for the night).

So the most i have seen for endgame is Karazhan (dont know if i can call it endgame), we have not completed karazhan yet but hope to do that someday, ive seen Zul'aman (went in myself and banged on the front door, noone answerd so they probly wasnt home).

And thats about it, does it bothers me? Yes abit since it is something i really want to do, i bet many in my guild would like the same and im sure many other out there feels the same way.

So i hope ill see atleast one successfull 25 manns raid before WotLK comes out this year, its 25% about the loot and 75% about the experience of downing a new boss and yelling in joy and happyness on Ventrilo with teammates, i got now 3 lvl 70 chars and one upcoming, havent played on the rogue since christmas but its will be 70 someday, and i guess one of my many alts will aswell if not two alts will be 70 before WotLK, and im truly gonna go for raiding with one of them when i hit 80, when TBC came out i was still leveling my shaman and never experienced how raiding and pvp was at lvl 60.
I know how pvping is at lvl 70 but i think it was more fun at lvl 60, its was bigger crowds and they had places like eastern and western plaugeland where they did their pvping and making movies about it, now the wow players are split with many beeing in outland and many in azeroth.

So when WofLK comes out i will see witch of my chars will be the first to 80.
Maybe they have cool new talent trees and even better abilities to learn.

My shamans been a healer since the start of my karazhan carrieer, i respecced elemental but i got ganked hard by a rogue in skettis like 20minutes later and specced resto permanently after that, noone is gonna come here and kick my butt like that without feeling my Shamanistic rage! Once killed a ms warr while doing the Ogri'la fragment quest, just put on Earth sheild and sending my fire elemental after him, silly boy that was, disturbing me doing quest.

My mage is going in BG mostly, its crap geared and im just playing it for fun, and i miss while playing if beeing able to heal myself, gift of the naaru does not do the trick tbh:p

I really enjoy plaing on my druid, its gives me flexibility, i can tank heal and dps, and cc aboit in pvp, and as i get better at it, i enjoy it even more=)
And someday i will have epic mount on it and level up mining and skinning probly and make more money:-D

So atm my 2cents is on the druid, since its the class beeing able to Tank dps and heal best from my point of view, maybe im wrong but its how i see it.

Well thats how i see it today, i dont feel like playing a death knight, i rather play thoose i have atm.

As for raiding, one day i will be up with the big boys, i just know it;p

So i ask you dear reader, are you gonna play when WotLK is out? what char will you level up ore are you gonna make yourself a death knight? And what are you most exited about with the new expancion, im really looking forward to that pvp area zone, think it will spice pvp up bigtime!

tirsdag 22. januar 2008


Mr BBB added me on his recommeded list:-D

Got the same feeling as i did when i got my first epic, the Ring of saviors dropped in ZF and i won the roll!xD

There are so many bloggs out there worth reading and i will do the same as mr BBB add them to my list, i would like to see more shaman bloggs, Hooved shaman, lesser healing wave
and world of matticus is someone im finding worth reading. So if you have ore know other shaman bloggs thats out there, leave me a comment about it, im really a blogg reader addict atm and feel free to link your blogg even though it isint about shamans, i read them all:-D

Gear me here gear me there

Finally after multiple Steam Vault normal and alot SP heroic my cow got exaulted with Cenarion, so i snagged Earthwarden from that Nelf in Zangramarsh and headed to get the AGI enchant, since i have done so many norm rounds and me beeing an enchanter/tailor, i hade enough mats for the 35AGI enchant, its is kinda scary handing over mats worth over 200g to a person u dont know, no one im my guild has the 35 AGI enchant yet and i didnt want to wait either:P

But i got it enchanted, fee on 5gold.

As for the enchanting proffesion i dont see the whole profit in it, u dont get that much payed or enchanting stuff to other event if u have big fees, its cost a hellofalot money to level and takes time, but for yourself there is good stuff waiting up at high lvl enchanting, like enchanting your own rings with 6+ all stats i think it is, must be a great thing to have:-D

My druid has now almost 25k armor, think i only need 70 armor more to hit that cap:-p dodge is 20% but i can now change som defence gems and insert agility instead.

Guild went kara yesterday, i was supposed to join but i almost forgot id promised my friend to celebrate his birthday, so our resto druid specced feral so they had MT and OF, they took down Maiden and Operah (big bad wolf), on curator they needed more dps on the bolts so they didnt quite make it.

But we are progressing, more and more people are willing to join kara raid, we had big problems a while with wery few tank avaviable, my druid was really gonna be a moonkin, but it became feral for tanking. People in our guild has many alts aty lvl 70 aswell so we can change chars in between bossfight aswell so we can be more flexible.

Shaman is getting his vengefull chest tomorrow wich i am looking forward too, i dont like a male troll without a skirt tbh:p it looks silly if u ask me;)

Found some new bloggs aswell worth reading that ill put on my fav blogg list aswell soon.

torsdag 10. januar 2008

Shamans getting some love!

-Water Shield now restores mana periodically regardless of how many charges remain. Duration increased to 10 minutes.
-Lightning Shield mana cost reduced.

Did not think this would be a really improvement for shamans, but logging on and see my mp5 going from 77mp5 (yes i know to low for a resto but working on it) and to 127mp5 /drool!!! (by using the water shield)
Finally someway for me not to go OOM on long fights. Got mail healing pants from chess event two days ago, ill link it on blogg later. Having about 1600+ healing, but getting my new pants set up with spelltread and gems and i will be hitting the 1700 mark, and using my wrath of air totem with the enchant i will be hittin 1800+ healing<3

Things my shamans is focusing on atm:
-Getting pants enchanted and gems
-Get neck from badge rewards (14/30badges)
-Start doing daily Q on a regular basis so my druid can get his flying mount.
-Getting the Vengefull chest (1377/1850 AP)

* Ravage: The damage multiplier on this ability has been increased from 350% to 385%.
Goodies, helps out great while dpsing in kara when clearing trash and only need 1 tank:-)

My druid still need to get exaulted with CE, its not that far away hs on 7100/21000, so i just get myself together and do normal SV ore other heroic CE instances i should be able to get the lovely Earthwarden, its just that it can be booring doing the instances over and over, but im really learning how to increase my tanking and knowledge in the CE instances, im really the laid back person who do what he is told in instances, but as a tank i usually do the marking, if im unsure how to deal with a pull, i just ask if they have an idea.

Things my druid is focusing on atm:
-Hitting Exaulted and get Earthwarden
-Getting reverd/exaulted with Keepers of times for head enchant
-Getting gladiator shoulders for tanking/dps
-Getting Feral tanking cloack from badge rewards (14/35badges)
-Start doing daily Q on a regular basis again for epic flying mount

mandag 7. januar 2008

Happy new year! and sorry for slacking!

Merry x-mas and happy new year to everybody, apologise for not post at all this christmas but im not the person that knows what to write about all the time, and not really sure what my blogg is really about, but if people reads it and find it good reading im happy to hear.

Was really good to get back home for christmas, as millitary can be stressfull at times i found getting back home seeing all the christmas decorations and the rain falling down, ehm did i say rain? yes i sure did, and there were much of it, over the last years i cant remember looking out my window seeing snow, dam this global warming eh?;-P

Christmas was good, playing wow until the small hours of the night, sleeping as long as i wanted not needing to get up six o'clock in the morning as we have to in the amry. Beeing home with my family eating family dinners here and there, and visiting freinds and realatives, feel so wierd only seeing the all only when i have holidays ore take the nightbuss on a friday and leave sunday again.

Man will say its whats the army is all about, growing up, standing on your own two feets, something i have done for 3 years when studying, but there its a different thing living 25mins from home than living 9-10 hours with buss as the situation is now and is for two years.
But im not suffering not at all, beeing in the army is what u want it to be, for me its thumbs up for the social part:-)

Beeing home during christmas my ingame time was mostly spendt on my rogue alt at 47, i thought of twinking him, but i allways feel leveling to this high amount of lvl, just pushes me to leveling on, and with the 2.3 you get crazy amount of xp for the qust you do, going from 7k and up til 11k xp got leveling my rogue wery easy, its now 59 after the holiday and enjoys its crazy new stam and agi gear from quest. Just by getting 3 quest leather items my hp whent from 3000 to 3800, wery noticeable:-D

What do you like best about christmas? is it the presents under the christmas tree? ore the gnome generators all over azeroth? Ore simply beeing home? give me your opinion:-)