torsdag 10. januar 2008

Shamans getting some love!

-Water Shield now restores mana periodically regardless of how many charges remain. Duration increased to 10 minutes.
-Lightning Shield mana cost reduced.

Did not think this would be a really improvement for shamans, but logging on and see my mp5 going from 77mp5 (yes i know to low for a resto but working on it) and to 127mp5 /drool!!! (by using the water shield)
Finally someway for me not to go OOM on long fights. Got mail healing pants from chess event two days ago, ill link it on blogg later. Having about 1600+ healing, but getting my new pants set up with spelltread and gems and i will be hitting the 1700 mark, and using my wrath of air totem with the enchant i will be hittin 1800+ healing<3

Things my shamans is focusing on atm:
-Getting pants enchanted and gems
-Get neck from badge rewards (14/30badges)
-Start doing daily Q on a regular basis so my druid can get his flying mount.
-Getting the Vengefull chest (1377/1850 AP)

* Ravage: The damage multiplier on this ability has been increased from 350% to 385%.
Goodies, helps out great while dpsing in kara when clearing trash and only need 1 tank:-)

My druid still need to get exaulted with CE, its not that far away hs on 7100/21000, so i just get myself together and do normal SV ore other heroic CE instances i should be able to get the lovely Earthwarden, its just that it can be booring doing the instances over and over, but im really learning how to increase my tanking and knowledge in the CE instances, im really the laid back person who do what he is told in instances, but as a tank i usually do the marking, if im unsure how to deal with a pull, i just ask if they have an idea.

Things my druid is focusing on atm:
-Hitting Exaulted and get Earthwarden
-Getting reverd/exaulted with Keepers of times for head enchant
-Getting gladiator shoulders for tanking/dps
-Getting Feral tanking cloack from badge rewards (14/35badges)
-Start doing daily Q on a regular basis again for epic flying mount

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