lørdag 26. april 2008

Here is my babies!

Today im posting a picture of all the characters im playing on.

And we will start with the Blue troll:

This is in Pvp gear, 2Vengefull and merciless mostly, getting vengefull next week:-)
This is the first char i made and first i leveled straight to lvl 70, only wish my troll was female though, to many male trolls around theese days>.<

And heres my beef:

Love doing the new dailies on him, no epic flying needed, since doing ogrila Q with 60% is quite boring. So a good golddigger this one:-)

And here is my mystic, deadly and beautifull Blood elf. At lvl 65

One day she will be dominating the arena;-)

And finally my space goat mage:-) Not been playing that much on this one, but who knows, maybe its the new main for WotLK?:-)

tirsdag 22. april 2008

Sometimes there is light in the sunwell/tunnel

After tree weeks doing dailies as fast as i could so i could afford raid pots and buf food i finnally got a mail from blizz that they were done with the investigation and i only needed to speak with a GM in game to get my items back, got mats/pots and gear back:-D their were unsure of what i lacked of item they had reinbursed, but i just told them witch items was missing, and my 45 large prismatic shards are now safely back in my bank<3<3<3

So im back at 2000 gold and gonna try getting my druid epic mount. And my rogue is halfway to lvl 65.

Yesterday i registered for the world arena tournament with a friend, i made a combatmace rogue. And i am really enjoying it, looking more forward for my rogue getting to lvl 70 now.

Sorry for slack posting, but there is much to do at work, and the weather is really nice so i like spending the days outside:-D

Kinda seeing the light now, why have much gold that i just use now and then, so i bought my rogue her 100%mount, and i will sell alot mats and stuff so my druid can fly happily in outland doing dailies ore just crusing around. Cant be bothered getting hacked again.

Check out Laeda's last post about how to secure your account from hackers! Good stuff m8:-)