mandag 7. januar 2008

Happy new year! and sorry for slacking!

Merry x-mas and happy new year to everybody, apologise for not post at all this christmas but im not the person that knows what to write about all the time, and not really sure what my blogg is really about, but if people reads it and find it good reading im happy to hear.

Was really good to get back home for christmas, as millitary can be stressfull at times i found getting back home seeing all the christmas decorations and the rain falling down, ehm did i say rain? yes i sure did, and there were much of it, over the last years i cant remember looking out my window seeing snow, dam this global warming eh?;-P

Christmas was good, playing wow until the small hours of the night, sleeping as long as i wanted not needing to get up six o'clock in the morning as we have to in the amry. Beeing home with my family eating family dinners here and there, and visiting freinds and realatives, feel so wierd only seeing the all only when i have holidays ore take the nightbuss on a friday and leave sunday again.

Man will say its whats the army is all about, growing up, standing on your own two feets, something i have done for 3 years when studying, but there its a different thing living 25mins from home than living 9-10 hours with buss as the situation is now and is for two years.
But im not suffering not at all, beeing in the army is what u want it to be, for me its thumbs up for the social part:-)

Beeing home during christmas my ingame time was mostly spendt on my rogue alt at 47, i thought of twinking him, but i allways feel leveling to this high amount of lvl, just pushes me to leveling on, and with the 2.3 you get crazy amount of xp for the qust you do, going from 7k and up til 11k xp got leveling my rogue wery easy, its now 59 after the holiday and enjoys its crazy new stam and agi gear from quest. Just by getting 3 quest leather items my hp whent from 3000 to 3800, wery noticeable:-D

What do you like best about christmas? is it the presents under the christmas tree? ore the gnome generators all over azeroth? Ore simply beeing home? give me your opinion:-)

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