onsdag 27. februar 2008

Alting, Karazan.

God day people! Hope all are alright:-D

Leveling alts is a god way getting away from BG with people QQ-ing all over the place and people trowing shit at eachother, and getting away from trade channel for that dam Dirge spam-_-

Do you have the same thing on your servers out there with people spamming Digre? On the EU realms its seems like digre is the Spam nr 1 thing.

Anyways me and my cousin have a paladin each, we did some quest in tarren mill, at the time he was retribution and we tried to AOE farm while questing, he was healing me tanking and dpsing since i am protection specced, worked well but hes was going oom pretty often, so after dinging 22 he went to silvermoon and respecced to holy.
And AOE grinding seems to work, we took down 7 on the most without any big effort, but since they were humans they ran away when they were low on HP and took with the some more but it went ok=)

Reason why i play alts is beacause i most often have big latency since the internett connection at the hotel is still pretty dull:S So i can tank ore heal in heroics wich is to bad cause i need the badges and experience (and some loot here and there^^). And cant heal in raid sometimes becasue of this.

I usually join some BG aswell, going to buy a new necklase for honor points today wich will make me full epic in my healing gear, and it will give me more intellect, stamina, healing and mp5, mostly everything since my last necklase was pretty bad;p

My paladin is soon 25, i wil get him to level 26 atleast today and get Retribution Aura (Rank 2) wich will make my AOE dps better.
My other cousin who migrated his lvl 70 warrior to our server last weeks, will probably level his shaman (lvl24) with us aswell, when he hits level 26 and gets magma totem we will rock at AOE grinding:-)

Monday night we went Karazhan, we were eight people from guild and we had two pug people joing us, wich was wery good geared a mage and a prot warrior, since we had two prot warriors i could go full dps with my druid:-)

Moroes/operah and curator was allready down since we had taken them earlier this week. So we went for shade of aran. We wiped about 3 times, people moved flame wrath getting stuck in blizzard ore killed by elementals. On fourth try we dpsed dow elementals and after that it went smooth as butter, since we had two pug's with us, we had need and greed on all loot, i was the only leather dps and got me some nice dps leather boots from Aran:-D And for the first time i critted 4000 as a feral druid xD and it happened 4 times trough kara.

Downed Illhoof on first try, people was quick at dps down sarifice and healers had no mana issues.

Our MT came in on chess but the Kings Defender didint drop this time either.

Prince went down on third try, i died when prince was on 50%, i blame the latency since i was behind the healers in range when i had to run back because of the debuff were u get 1HP, but i still died:S But they got him down=)

Mage,lock,hunter T4 head dropped, spell dmg dagger, wich both went to on of our lock's who was lucky on rolls:-D

Dont remember the last thing that dropped though.

But been a good karazhan weekend. We are probably going Zul'aman Saturday, wich im reall looking forward to since ive never been there:-D Dont know if i will be healing/dpsing ore tanking but its gonna be fun anyways:-D

fredag 22. februar 2008

Friday wohoo!

So one more week has passed and its time for some gaming/relaxing etc. Guild went Karazhan yesterday with a new tank, one of my cousin's migrated his orc warrior to deathwing and he signed up for kara raid on forum and wola MT to get some experience in tanking 10 man instances. And he did a wery good job, nothing to complain about:-)

One shotted moroes, went to operah, wizard of oz and we wipe once ore twice, so Guild Leader explained everybodys jobb and down he goes, dropped enhanc shoulders wich i got free from suicide since noone other needed them, went for curator, one shotted him aswell, dropped (warrior,priest,druid) token and our new tank got them with some very nice tanking pants, he also got dagger from moroes^^,

But shade of aran just wouldnt do tonight, after 4-5 wipes clock was over 12 and we called it a night. Even though having 3locks with us CCing the elementals didint work, but i think we will take him if we bring some more Melee dps to nuke down elementals. So we will have another try later this week, and hopefull go wop prince butt aswell once more:-)

I asked Laeda about how to AOE grind as Paladin, if you have a paladin ore just curious go check it out here:-)

mandag 18. februar 2008


Im finally back after a week freesing my butt of in some cold norwegian mountains*-)
So when i did get home after depositing all the equipment we had with us, i took myself good warm shower wich i deserved:-) And trew my laptop on the desk and logged on:

[wisper Langenes]: ''To laaate''xD
[wisper Skaardor]: ''Huh''?
[wisper Langenes]: ''Downed Nalorakk first boss in Zul'aman on first try''
[wisper Skaardor]: ''Huzzah!''

And this happened an hour ago, and the clock was about 14:30.
So they have been preparing and reading tacts on the boss, and many had set their alarm clock just be sure they would make it to the raid:-) So that wery cool to see, looking forward to trying out ZA and see some other ''content''

This is ours/theirs first time going into ZA and dowing the boss that easy is indeed good news:-)

Leveled abit on my Paladin yesterday and enjoying it, had a friend running me through WC abit and got some indeed nice starter gear, and respeccced prot so i could get BoK, but i will now consentrate my other talent points in retribution.
Its lvl 20 atm, soon 21.

Our Raid Leader has made a little video about the fight, its not recored the whole fight becasue of the fps he had, but u wil see when they down him.
The video is here

But now, back to work, more blogging later:-)

P.S saturday night (after they downed the ZA boss) we had a guild get together, more about that later.

torsdag 7. februar 2008

PUGs.....oh no! ore really?

Been trying to get some badges on my shaman lately and been trying to get off hand weapon and kilt from UB heroic, so i hooked up with the lfg channel in hope to find a group. Think it took me about 5-6 daily quest before a group was getting together, and the group was:

So i thought they probly needed a tank, but i asked if the would like a healer and i got an invite. The paladin was prot and the priest was shadow so lucky me:-)
I went straight to CE, repaired and bought reagents and jumped on my flying mount heading to coilfang reservoir. So i was first person there, and the SP came 2 min later and we summoned the others, people was fairly geared, especially rogues with welfare epics all over:-P

Tank had some epics and good blue gear with gems and enchants.
And who needs CC when you have Prot paladin? we used kill order, pala pulled, tanking 3-4mobs at once while group were nuking down one target at the time and me healing away. And i must say:


Now there i said it, this guy was was tanking so many mobs that if i had tried it with my druid i think his bear tummy would be hurting;<

Its not that i did not know paladins were good at tanking many mobs, but it saves much time aswell, u dont need to think about CC breaking and loosing a team player cause the loose mob killed him.

He dropped abit in HP sometimes but never under 30-40% And we had no dieing ore wipes. First boss went down abit slow, mushrooms popped up everywhere an so on, but we got him down eventually, no off hand dropped this time either;<

We continued on, pala tanking all mobs like pie and group dpsing them down one by one. Second boss went down like butter and we got to the group that looks like big bees that fears and so on, tremor was out.
But the tank got feared one way and i got feared the other way, and tank died.

So now we had 5 mobs and no tank, but i didint lay down and QQ about it, instead i set out my fire elemental and started pumping Lesser Healing waves, popped Mana tide totems and potted, we got down two mobs, we lost the Shadow priest, got down two more mobs while i was taking much of the aggro beacuase of healing, lost one rogue aswell, so one more mob and me alive with the other rogue got him down. It was a pretty cool preformance, im glad having 11k armor as shaman tbh, think it helps alot, beeing hit by thoose mobs as druid/priest would ended in an early death^.^

So i ressed everyone and we buffed and engaged next group.
Went down smooth and the to hunter/bear boss. I have never had any problems with this fight but the other people whined about how hard it was, but this time i got a taste of it, cause i have never experiencd the bear coming over to me and pushing me around^^, Think tank was down on 10% before i popped Nature swiftness and got his hp up again, it was pretty close but we managed to get him down:-)

So before last boss we had two big bog lords looking things, and they hit real hard, they hitted our tank for 5k hp some times, but they went down aswell, thnk the best for a shaman here is to use Tranquility totems, it only has 5yard range and it lets me pump more heals at tank with getting aggro.

And only thing left was last boss, he went down easy enough, just using LHW when the mobs beging to appear, the kilt didint drop this time either;< It was once again the wand that popped up, its the only epic drop i have seen drop from last boss.

I got all the greed loot, a head, a 2h sword and something else. Ill keep the head since it has the same look as tier 2 to locks^.^

The group asked if everybody was up for a SP heroic run in 15min, but i was tired and had to get up early next day, think ill try conact all theese i Puged with and see if they wanna do a heroic some day, casue this was one of the best pugs ive been in:-)

P.S pugged Ub heroic last sunday with druid tank who had 412 defense:S but we only wiped once, so its not only the gear its all about but how the group works together

onsdag 6. februar 2008

''OoOOo our in the army now''

Havent been on wow sine sunday, they are rebuilding a tv-room at the hotell i live and the wireless internett is down.

Going back home tomorrow, and next week i wont be able to post anything until saturday night, we are having this winter training week in the army and it will start monday and end saturday;<

So 6 days with snow, little sleep and grumpy people, on the other hand, there will be mp5, no not the mana per 5 second, but the real machine guns;-)

søndag 3. februar 2008


This is where i woke up today after a night on the town:-)

If you dont know who these guys are go check their music vieo's:-)

fredag 1. februar 2008


After dowing attuman, moroes and operah on Wednesday we got together a group for a 4hour run thursday to hopefully get som bosses down.
And boy did we!

The only down part today was the t4 token (pala,shaman,rogue) dropped and rogue had them alrdy and i was on my cow. We should atleast have one class that could use tokens that dropped but we didint think of that.

So we one shootted Curator, went shade of aran, one shotted him aswell:-D Went illhoof one shooted him:-O
Got to chess a lost first game xD but got it second time:-D
Went to prince, i switched to shaman so we could have 3 healers.

And holy mother of jesus we one shotted the prince himself!!!
This was truly amazing and our second time downing prince, we are used to wipe 3-4times before either calling it of ore take him down. T4 token (mage/lock/hunter) dropped and a one hand axe for our fury warrior.

So we still got half an hour before raid is over so we went to take maiden aswell, MT dropped out was replaced with a rogue, i switched back to my tank Imacow. We started the fight and after 2min we wiped, only having one priest to dispell was kinda hard as he was healing at the same time, so we ressed and rebuffed, and changed tactics, we let the priest consentrate on dispelling and the resto druid would heal me as first priority and dps second.

And we got the girl in skirt down:-D Our priest got Shard of vitorius wich was about 50+ healing upgrade for him, + stats:-D he has to get it enchanted ;D

So only 1 wipe on bosses in one night! and only 6g rep aswell:-D And 13 badges i think it was, amazing.

We are doing really well at the moment, many people are attending to the raids and its just wonderfull to see, so proud of everyone<3