tirsdag 22. januar 2008


Mr BBB added me on his recommeded list:-D

Got the same feeling as i did when i got my first epic, the Ring of saviors dropped in ZF and i won the roll!xD

There are so many bloggs out there worth reading and i will do the same as mr BBB add them to my list, i would like to see more shaman bloggs, Hooved shaman, lesser healing wave
and world of matticus is someone im finding worth reading. So if you have ore know other shaman bloggs thats out there, leave me a comment about it, im really a blogg reader addict atm and feel free to link your blogg even though it isint about shamans, i read them all:-D

3 kommentarer:

gamedame sa...

Howdy! I have a Shaman blog! Lately I've had computer problems with WoW and I also post about non-WoW things, but come over and take a look! Also, let me know if there are topics you want to see covered and I'll take them on. Grats on getting to BBB's links!

Matticus sa...

Don't worry, I'll add you soon enough to my blogroll. I just need to fix it first :(.

Cowcontroll sa...

@Thanks for the comment, added u to my shaman blog list:-)
Reading to your blogg but has noting to add atm, if anything comes to mind ill tell ya;)

Sounds good:-D Whats the prob with the blogg?