fredag 28. mars 2008


• Game physics have been changed to prevent wall climbing.

I knew this would come someday, but dam, wall climbing is one of the best thing to do in wow exept kicking ass in some end game instance.


søndag 23. mars 2008


Tried to logg in today finding my PW beeing incorrect, went straight to wow-europe and changed it, logged in and found my gold and diff gear gone/deleted whatever.

On every single char i have:S

Hope blizz is able to reinburst my gear....

onsdag 19. mars 2008


Havent blogged for ages, but long story short:
-Swithed guild with my shaman, my other chars is in old guild. Thats about it;p

Im back home on holiday aswell, goodies!

Heres a pic of Loot reaver with me init;p