tirsdag 22. januar 2008

Gear me here gear me there

Finally after multiple Steam Vault normal and alot SP heroic my cow got exaulted with Cenarion, so i snagged Earthwarden from that Nelf in Zangramarsh and headed to get the AGI enchant, since i have done so many norm rounds and me beeing an enchanter/tailor, i hade enough mats for the 35AGI enchant, its is kinda scary handing over mats worth over 200g to a person u dont know, no one im my guild has the 35 AGI enchant yet and i didnt want to wait either:P

But i got it enchanted, fee on 5gold.

As for the enchanting proffesion i dont see the whole profit in it, u dont get that much payed or enchanting stuff to other event if u have big fees, its cost a hellofalot money to level and takes time, but for yourself there is good stuff waiting up at high lvl enchanting, like enchanting your own rings with 6+ all stats i think it is, must be a great thing to have:-D

My druid has now almost 25k armor, think i only need 70 armor more to hit that cap:-p dodge is 20% but i can now change som defence gems and insert agility instead.

Guild went kara yesterday, i was supposed to join but i almost forgot id promised my friend to celebrate his birthday, so our resto druid specced feral so they had MT and OF, they took down Maiden and Operah (big bad wolf), on curator they needed more dps on the bolts so they didnt quite make it.

But we are progressing, more and more people are willing to join kara raid, we had big problems a while with wery few tank avaviable, my druid was really gonna be a moonkin, but it became feral for tanking. People in our guild has many alts aty lvl 70 aswell so we can change chars in between bossfight aswell so we can be more flexible.

Shaman is getting his vengefull chest tomorrow wich i am looking forward too, i dont like a male troll without a skirt tbh:p it looks silly if u ask me;)

Found some new bloggs aswell worth reading that ill put on my fav blogg list aswell soon.

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