onsdag 3. desember 2008

Lvl 80 DK

Hitted 80 with my dk 1desember, so right after i dinged i went silvermoon and picked up jewelcrafting and mining, beeing unholy specced and mount speed at 120% mining was a blast, and leveling jc was easy, only had a little material problem around 225jc.

Yesterday i hitted 400jc and 430 mining. Going to make me two tanking trinket's today and socket them with bop 41stam gems<3

fredag 28. november 2008

mandag 17. november 2008


So i ended up leveling a dk in wotlk, its 69 atm,

fredag 10. oktober 2008


Leveling a warrior before wotlk.

Currently lvl 50.

mandag 8. september 2008


Focusing on arena on the shaman, my irl friend transfered back to deathwing some days ago and we went arena yesterday, ended up at 1658 rating and will do more arena later today.

A site i can recommend for resto shamans in arena is www.pvpgg.com

Many videos and loads of information that can help you get arena rating pimped!:)

tirsdag 26. august 2008


I am so pumped for wotlk, my beloved shaman is going to be the first to lvl 80, and its been far to long since i have really played around with enhancement, i have the badge weapons in my bank just waiting for wotlk to go live. But i will fo'shizzle level part time as resto so i can check out the dungeons:)

Atm i am trying to find the right MS warrior for my team, i thought i had found the right one, but he just hitted 70 with his mage and is focusing on that, so i have to look around. So my days goes to dailies and pvp on shaman, grinding for the 30k trinket that increases healing with 80 and increases health by 1800 for 15sec. Have 20k honor atm.

Moved into my own appartment a few weeks ago, and yesterday i finally got a tv i ordered 2weeks ago><

Think i am going to drop getting myself a pve guild, never killed bosses in Hyjal ore BT but its ok, this time around i will look around for guild that will focus raiding in wotlk, unsure if i am going to raid as enhancement ore resto, time will show:P

torsdag 24. juli 2008


So i tried rerolling, hitted lvl 32 and was thinking why? well frankly i dont know, its a pve server and i know for sure when wotlk is out i will probably go back to my chars on pvp servers. So i gave up the whole idea.

I am kinda empty on what to do in wow lately, got the badge weapons on my shaman the other day fair enoguh its good dps, but i feel to attached to restoration so i am probably going back to resto, and i dont know what i want to do most, pvp ore pve, there is guilds doing hyjal and bt i could try get into, would be good to see it before wotlk comes out. My rogue gear is getting better by the day, yesterday i finally scraped enough mats to get mongoose on my main hand. Tried to get a kara run aswell without any luck, kazzak i full of end game raiding guilds, so i usually see them in LFG channel asking this ''LFM karazhan t5 ateast! fast run'', understand that they wanna go fast, but having 2-3 not that good geared with them shouldnt be a problem tbh. Gonna see if i can get a group today though.

So thats the situation, and when wotlk is out i am going for either rogue ore shaman to 80 first.

Havnet found a raiding guild for my rogue either so have to look around. And i will probably go bck to resto soon on my shaman, (even though i kicked a shadow priest ass 3 times after he nearly killed me^^)

torsdag 17. juli 2008


Hitted 20 with my druid last night, the 3 last levels to 20 was just a pain in the bearbutt, im so glad i can finaly kill mobs fast with catform, and when i hit lvl 21 i will also have 30% speed increase, and it will surely make getting me from A to B easier.

It has been a while since i leveled on alliance side so i am very rusty on finding questgivers etc, but i got Questhelper so it pretty much shows me where to do the quest atleast^^, Im very addicted to that addon at this time:P Yesterday when EU server when up after patch questhelper went down and i was thinking ''what to do''?

I made me a bank alt and sendt it to exodar to watch incoming mail and put it on ah, beeing on a new server without any gold makes is hard and always have to think about not trowing away on trash. Since i am not bying lvl 30 mount i will try save as much i can to epic lvl 60 ground mount.

Todays goal is to hit atleast 25+. But now back to work:<