fredag 14. desember 2007

What! I cant tank either now?:<

Sorry for not posting this week, had enoough to do at work and so much to do ingame:p

Well ill continue my how it all began story later since i dont hav any low lvl pics on my pc, but will get them on the blogg when i get home to christmas. Times goes by so fast theese days, christmas in 10 days! YIKES!:o

Well anyways, i have to lvl 70, one hawt troll and a stunning goo looking cow wich is a nature loving creature and is abit feminime with his tailoring proffesioos, he rly likes to make robes and nice pinky shirts he can walk around with while disenchant things he doesnt like to have in his bags, and when he disenchant, its appears as a pinky stardust, it smells good and sells good, but sometimes he needs it to make his robes and pink shirts look nicer.

So now u know my feminime side of my cow, but what you dont know is that this cow knows hes stuff, he likes messing with the big boys and yesterday he did this aswell.

As my cow needs Cenarion reputation i was wery happy that Slave Pens was Daily Quest today, wich would give me many badges and even more cenarion rep.
Didint tak loong to get a group either, got a priest healer, mage, ms warrior, rogue and me and my cow who was gonna tank.
Starting to get used to this instance, its probly my favorite heroic instance, its not that hard either:-)

Pulled group without any problem, cc/tanking and healing went like a dream, this was gonna go quick i thought, but not today.
We got to the two defenders in the corridor before boss, theese two hits hard and i asked if i shud tank both ore warrior of tank, warrior said hed like to OF and took on his tank gear on. We pulled, 8seconds later warrior dies, and i try getting aggro back but the mage got the aggro and runs away and im not close enough to charge either, we get one defender down before group dies, but we try looking at the positive side that there is only one more defender to boss. We ress, buff up then it comes:
''Imacow i got a epix warrior coming in to take ur place, he has crazy gear''.
So i ask if its a joke and hes not kidding, he complaines that i dropp to much in hp and im not doing it right, we had no problems before the wipe on guardians. Im maybe not full epixx since ive been 70 on my druid for three weeks. But i would never gone inot a heroic if i knew i wouldt have been prepared for it. Have tanked 3-4 heroics before, and went good np. My current stats is at 23,5k armor in bear and 11k hp unbuffed, had about 16k hp buffed, and im critt immune.
I try convinsig the priest to just move along and let us finish this since we are doing great.
Luckely im grp leader and cant get kicked, so he tell everybody else to leave and rejoin a group with him cause he really wants to do this instance fast cause he do not have much time.
Dont really see it wud be faster to get a new tank, restart the instance, cause we were one mob from boss!!
Well they all leave, and ofc i do not give them leader, so then in guild chat, whine a little, and ask if they want to do heroic SP, and vola, 10min later we got grp again, but one rogue from LFG.
We downed the boss, piece of cake.
Dont know what was up with this rogue, but he went bersherk with every mob pull, he pulled himself, zapping one mob, blinding the other and dpsing the other, diditn tell him anything cause i have grouped with this kind of people before and know what a-holes they can be. And always in party chat he said ''can we speed up plx''?? ''pull pull'' do this do that''!
reminds me of one of the newest Dark legacy comics out, if u havent checked it out you should, great comic.

Our guild healer had to leave cause he had an invite to Gruul's Lair, (didint go wery well though):P
So vi get our fresh lvl 70 Priest healer inn, and the boy could heal, tbh i have 12 badges on my shaman, mostly from kara, wich tells i have not been going much heroics on him, ut been healing Steam Vault and SP once heroic, think that it, and got a proxifier kilt (cloth), much more healing and gems than my other mail healing pants.

And they rogue left us after a while, so we got aother lock in the grp frmo our guild, so now we were 1 druid tank, 1 pries, and tree warlocks, not the best CC, but i belive any group setup can make it, and we did;) Feas and dots all over, me charging all over the place picking up on feared mob after the other.

We downed the boss aswell after third attempt, not that easy beeing fresh lvl 70 healing heroics:-D and me not having much dodge either didint help, droppe som leather rogue/druid pants i got, we were finally finished. So did not play much wow that day since i was abit tired being in Slave Pens for 4-hours;>

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