torsdag 24. juli 2008


So i tried rerolling, hitted lvl 32 and was thinking why? well frankly i dont know, its a pve server and i know for sure when wotlk is out i will probably go back to my chars on pvp servers. So i gave up the whole idea.

I am kinda empty on what to do in wow lately, got the badge weapons on my shaman the other day fair enoguh its good dps, but i feel to attached to restoration so i am probably going back to resto, and i dont know what i want to do most, pvp ore pve, there is guilds doing hyjal and bt i could try get into, would be good to see it before wotlk comes out. My rogue gear is getting better by the day, yesterday i finally scraped enough mats to get mongoose on my main hand. Tried to get a kara run aswell without any luck, kazzak i full of end game raiding guilds, so i usually see them in LFG channel asking this ''LFM karazhan t5 ateast! fast run'', understand that they wanna go fast, but having 2-3 not that good geared with them shouldnt be a problem tbh. Gonna see if i can get a group today though.

So thats the situation, and when wotlk is out i am going for either rogue ore shaman to 80 first.

Havnet found a raiding guild for my rogue either so have to look around. And i will probably go bck to resto soon on my shaman, (even though i kicked a shadow priest ass 3 times after he nearly killed me^^)

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