fredag 11. juli 2008

Midnight legguards:D

Been doing Slave Pens heroic these last days, since its an easy heroic and my gear is not the best yet, yesterday midnight legguards finally dropped, /happyrogue!

Went straight to AH and bought the leg enchant 50AttackPower and 12 critical strike rating. And socketed with 2x 4agi+4hit and one 16AP gem.
Costed me about 500-600g for gems and enchant, so i went straight to the Isle and did some of my first dailies on this character:O)

Kinda stuck leveling LW, have 355lw skill atm. is it worth leveling? The mats are expensive as hell and i would be stuck with grining for many days. Think i rather go farm mats for gear instead and let someone with 375lw make me the stuff i need.

Went a quick trip to heroic ramparts aswell on the rogue, no loot but 3 more badges, total badges so far: 20.

Really starting to like the rogue class.

2 kommentarer:

Obunaji sa...

Nice legs. I had those once aswell.

BTW, you still have the old link to my blog in your blogroll. It's now. And it's heavily updated.

-Cryon (from Lesser Healing Wave)

Anonym sa...

welcome back :)