tirsdag 15. juli 2008


There is a new server that went up last wedensday, Blade's edge, PVE server for Europe.

I was thinking, it will be a few months until Wotlk is out, i will probably not get anything else than a few kara/gruuls runs on my Rogue, and atm the server is full of t6 geared ppl and there aint much on the server to achieve.

So i am thinking of putting 110% effort in a new character on Blade's edge, leveling it fast to 70 and hopefully find a guild that is trying to do their best getting worlds first, i am almost a week behind everybody else, so if i am really going for this i have to do it asap. I am thinking of rolling Alliance, have a friend leveling his way up atm there.

The chars i am thinking about is:
-Nelf druid
-Gnome Warrior
-Dwarf Hunter
-Draenei Shaman

Atm i am mostly going for the nelf druid, since i have tanked with it before, and i have a resto shaman, so healing wont be a problem either. Its a good leveling class, dont need mount tbh when you got travelform, and get free flying mount aswell.

The only thing thats is going to slow me down is that im not that good at leveling alliance so i will be wery rusty at where to do quest etc.

By the afternoon my desicion will be made, what will it be;)

Anyone care to join meh?:p

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Alex - aka Firelight sa...

I'll roll a toon there for fun if you want!!

Decide what race, and let me know the name and i'll whisper you if you're on!!


Obunaji sa...

I might join ya for some laughs. Won't play fully there though!

Cowcontroll sa...

Have now made me a nelf druid, its called Dronningen, ally side:)

Cowcontroll sa...

An ye ofc join if you want, the more the marrier:D