tirsdag 26. august 2008


I am so pumped for wotlk, my beloved shaman is going to be the first to lvl 80, and its been far to long since i have really played around with enhancement, i have the badge weapons in my bank just waiting for wotlk to go live. But i will fo'shizzle level part time as resto so i can check out the dungeons:)

Atm i am trying to find the right MS warrior for my team, i thought i had found the right one, but he just hitted 70 with his mage and is focusing on that, so i have to look around. So my days goes to dailies and pvp on shaman, grinding for the 30k trinket that increases healing with 80 and increases health by 1800 for 15sec. Have 20k honor atm.

Moved into my own appartment a few weeks ago, and yesterday i finally got a tv i ordered 2weeks ago><

Think i am going to drop getting myself a pve guild, never killed bosses in Hyjal ore BT but its ok, this time around i will look around for guild that will focus raiding in wotlk, unsure if i am going to raid as enhancement ore resto, time will show:P

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