torsdag 17. juli 2008


Hitted 20 with my druid last night, the 3 last levels to 20 was just a pain in the bearbutt, im so glad i can finaly kill mobs fast with catform, and when i hit lvl 21 i will also have 30% speed increase, and it will surely make getting me from A to B easier.

It has been a while since i leveled on alliance side so i am very rusty on finding questgivers etc, but i got Questhelper so it pretty much shows me where to do the quest atleast^^, Im very addicted to that addon at this time:P Yesterday when EU server when up after patch questhelper went down and i was thinking ''what to do''?

I made me a bank alt and sendt it to exodar to watch incoming mail and put it on ah, beeing on a new server without any gold makes is hard and always have to think about not trowing away on trash. Since i am not bying lvl 30 mount i will try save as much i can to epic lvl 60 ground mount.

Todays goal is to hit atleast 25+. But now back to work:<

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