fredag 22. februar 2008

Friday wohoo!

So one more week has passed and its time for some gaming/relaxing etc. Guild went Karazhan yesterday with a new tank, one of my cousin's migrated his orc warrior to deathwing and he signed up for kara raid on forum and wola MT to get some experience in tanking 10 man instances. And he did a wery good job, nothing to complain about:-)

One shotted moroes, went to operah, wizard of oz and we wipe once ore twice, so Guild Leader explained everybodys jobb and down he goes, dropped enhanc shoulders wich i got free from suicide since noone other needed them, went for curator, one shotted him aswell, dropped (warrior,priest,druid) token and our new tank got them with some very nice tanking pants, he also got dagger from moroes^^,

But shade of aran just wouldnt do tonight, after 4-5 wipes clock was over 12 and we called it a night. Even though having 3locks with us CCing the elementals didint work, but i think we will take him if we bring some more Melee dps to nuke down elementals. So we will have another try later this week, and hopefull go wop prince butt aswell once more:-)

I asked Laeda about how to AOE grind as Paladin, if you have a paladin ore just curious go check it out here:-)

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Anonym sa...

The only melee you need on shade is --->Langenes;D