mandag 18. februar 2008


Im finally back after a week freesing my butt of in some cold norwegian mountains*-)
So when i did get home after depositing all the equipment we had with us, i took myself good warm shower wich i deserved:-) And trew my laptop on the desk and logged on:

[wisper Langenes]: ''To laaate''xD
[wisper Skaardor]: ''Huh''?
[wisper Langenes]: ''Downed Nalorakk first boss in Zul'aman on first try''
[wisper Skaardor]: ''Huzzah!''

And this happened an hour ago, and the clock was about 14:30.
So they have been preparing and reading tacts on the boss, and many had set their alarm clock just be sure they would make it to the raid:-) So that wery cool to see, looking forward to trying out ZA and see some other ''content''

This is ours/theirs first time going into ZA and dowing the boss that easy is indeed good news:-)

Leveled abit on my Paladin yesterday and enjoying it, had a friend running me through WC abit and got some indeed nice starter gear, and respeccced prot so i could get BoK, but i will now consentrate my other talent points in retribution.
Its lvl 20 atm, soon 21.

Our Raid Leader has made a little video about the fight, its not recored the whole fight becasue of the fps he had, but u wil see when they down him.
The video is here

But now, back to work, more blogging later:-)

P.S saturday night (after they downed the ZA boss) we had a guild get together, more about that later.

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Lalecize sa...

Dont Go Ret!! Go prot my friend!

p.s. Added ur blog to my list :D Nice work!