onsdag 27. februar 2008

Alting, Karazan.

God day people! Hope all are alright:-D

Leveling alts is a god way getting away from BG with people QQ-ing all over the place and people trowing shit at eachother, and getting away from trade channel for that dam Dirge spam-_-

Do you have the same thing on your servers out there with people spamming Digre? On the EU realms its seems like digre is the Spam nr 1 thing.

Anyways me and my cousin have a paladin each, we did some quest in tarren mill, at the time he was retribution and we tried to AOE farm while questing, he was healing me tanking and dpsing since i am protection specced, worked well but hes was going oom pretty often, so after dinging 22 he went to silvermoon and respecced to holy.
And AOE grinding seems to work, we took down 7 on the most without any big effort, but since they were humans they ran away when they were low on HP and took with the some more but it went ok=)

Reason why i play alts is beacause i most often have big latency since the internett connection at the hotel is still pretty dull:S So i can tank ore heal in heroics wich is to bad cause i need the badges and experience (and some loot here and there^^). And cant heal in raid sometimes becasue of this.

I usually join some BG aswell, going to buy a new necklase for honor points today wich will make me full epic in my healing gear, and it will give me more intellect, stamina, healing and mp5, mostly everything since my last necklase was pretty bad;p

My paladin is soon 25, i wil get him to level 26 atleast today and get Retribution Aura (Rank 2) wich will make my AOE dps better.
My other cousin who migrated his lvl 70 warrior to our server last weeks, will probably level his shaman (lvl24) with us aswell, when he hits level 26 and gets magma totem we will rock at AOE grinding:-)

Monday night we went Karazhan, we were eight people from guild and we had two pug people joing us, wich was wery good geared a mage and a prot warrior, since we had two prot warriors i could go full dps with my druid:-)

Moroes/operah and curator was allready down since we had taken them earlier this week. So we went for shade of aran. We wiped about 3 times, people moved flame wrath getting stuck in blizzard ore killed by elementals. On fourth try we dpsed dow elementals and after that it went smooth as butter, since we had two pug's with us, we had need and greed on all loot, i was the only leather dps and got me some nice dps leather boots from Aran:-D And for the first time i critted 4000 as a feral druid xD and it happened 4 times trough kara.

Downed Illhoof on first try, people was quick at dps down sarifice and healers had no mana issues.

Our MT came in on chess but the Kings Defender didint drop this time either.

Prince went down on third try, i died when prince was on 50%, i blame the latency since i was behind the healers in range when i had to run back because of the debuff were u get 1HP, but i still died:S But they got him down=)

Mage,lock,hunter T4 head dropped, spell dmg dagger, wich both went to on of our lock's who was lucky on rolls:-D

Dont remember the last thing that dropped though.

But been a good karazhan weekend. We are probably going Zul'aman Saturday, wich im reall looking forward to since ive never been there:-D Dont know if i will be healing/dpsing ore tanking but its gonna be fun anyways:-D

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Anonym sa...

In fact i have a m8 wich is on a other random server. They have a "Dirge spam " similar to ours exept its not Drige it is a random other epic weapon.

Ps. (off topic) im looking forward to the new patch;D(exept that pvp warriors are getting nerfed:/)

Lalecize sa...

We dont have dirge spam, we have [Riding Turtle]. Ill dig a pic out for you, but one day movie quotes/titles broke out being Riding Turtle'd. This lasted for about an hour and no one could fit a word in on trade.

"Me, Myself and [Riding Turtle]"
"Lol! Four Weddings and a[Riding Turtle]"

Heck even I joined in :D