torsdag 6. desember 2007

My first post How it all started part 1

So here i am, been one of thoose blogg reader for about 3weeks now, so i thought, should i try make a blogg? Am i good enough for blogging?

Ill try my best, and i hope someone out there will enjoy reading it:)

Got me two lvl 70, one Tauren druid and one Troll shaman on the server Deathwing, been playing for about a year now and enjoyed every bit of it, the people i have meet, the game exploring and going from beeing a ''just trying the game person'' to become an active wow player

Before i started wow, ore when i just started playing wow i was in A Call of Duty clan called P*A*G aka Power And Glory, this guild had people from Belgium, Nederland, England, Romania and meself from Norway. We were playing sniper only maps and had scrims often (scrims will be the same as wow players call Arena) theese scrims could be from 2vs2 and up to about 12vs12, u could have even bigger, but its confusing enough having this many players on the same map.

We had homepage, TS (teamspeak), and even a P*A*G movie, showing some of our players skills, still have that film on my pc luckly before they removed the homepage.
There were many maps in the game, we went through tactics, who goes were, and who does what. A jolly good game and i meet some fantastic people that ill probably never forget either.

Then came wow, my cousin had bought this game and said it was wery neat, at this period wow had allready been out for 2 years and we had heard all about how addicting the game was from the media of course, and all the wierd thing about ppl playing cows and fighting demons, someone even payed for other to level their chars! ''woot'' thought i, some even bought in game goldO_o
So i was not so sure about stepping into this world, had another freind allready playing this game, had a troll rogue, and it could stealth and all thees cool tricks with something called engineering.

So i asked another friend who already started his MMO career as a EVE-online player, he had not played that long but he liked the game, but agreed joining me and purchasing World of Warcraft.
So 1week later the game was in the mail, inserted the cd and started the loooong install prosses, but while the machine did that i went to and registrated an account.

(P.S i had to get a whole new credit card so i could use it on the internett registrating since i wasnt 18 yet:<, still uses that card for wow bill paying only lol, dont even remember Pin code xD)

My friend had gotten the game from me earlier that day and was installing it aswell, so we went on skype i think and talked about expectations, characthers etc.
And there we where, finsished installing the game, installing the patches aswell, wich took a hell of a lot more time than we thought, but i guess thats u get for not playing the game before 2 years has gone since release:p

So we logged inn, picked alliance side, oh look a nelf, tall and handsome and with a long strong haircut... well so we thought back then:-D we made our characthers at lightnings blade server, and we were going to meet up with my cousin ingame when he came online.

Me and my mate started talking to the nelf around in the big old forest, kind people they were, giving us quest about kill this and kill that, speak to miss and mrs and so on. was fun, think i raised my staff skill to max since i didnt know what the hell that action bars was there for, so wacked the hell out of everything i saw in the area, poor critters;<

More to come.

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Evil Sheep sa...

Woot! I get the first comment on a new blog. Yay, me! Anyhow, welcome to the blogging world.

-Will- sa...

Heh.. lol.. Yeah, i remember back when we was just 2 little noobs who did not even manage to sign up on the US side. But stille i think WoW should have made a notice that it was US servers.
but still funny as hell xD

Vegar sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
-Will- sa...

Edit: just 2 little noobs who did not even manage to sign up on the EU side.