lørdag 8. desember 2007

Playing a shaman

Levling my shaman was sure fun, killing pigs back in Valley of trials wasnt that hard, even used my actionsbars more, to play the shaman was pretty much the same as playing a druid, i could heal myself, i casted lightning blots wich was simiar to wrath on the druid at lower levels, but what i found hard doing was the Quest for all my totems, the fire, air, water and earth Quest, didint know what thottbot was either on that time , so had to look for it on my own, since my mate started tauren he was ''miles'' away from me, (over at mulgore but it a long walk on my troll feet) and running through barrens could get me killed at lvl 10=O

I started playing shaman after their greatness time as enhancement specced, and what ive heard is that they could kick anyone, anywhere, anytime with not too much effort to it.

And reading afterwards on forums all the wining about how hard it is to level a shaman, well since this was my first character i had nothing to compare it with leveling, but i can say it now after leveling up my druid aswell, leveling a shaman compared to a druid was harder, but i guess since shaman was my first char it took longer time finding out what to do on a quest, and where too do it:P and i was not sure what to do with all the totmes:P And that a mob with a grey dragon around its name was harder to kill than regular mobs was something i found out pretty quick leveling in barrens:P

Talent spec was never a problem, i just asked on my guilds forum what spec to level with as shaman, didint take long to finding enhancment as the way to go, and i liked this spec wery much, and when getting windfury on them, a god day that was=)

I rememeber i burned out leveling my shaman for a couple of weeks, played more Call of duty at that time, mostly because my tauren warr friend and troll rogue friend level much faster than me, think this was at lvl 36, think i have a screenshot on my old pc of me standing At the inn in Hammerfall, ill post it when i get back home to christmas.

But i got the spirit back one day and catched up with them both:p

Btw taking abit about totems, i never really knew what grounding totem did at all before i played on a mage i have on ally side, i duelled witha freind there who has a shaman, i poom pyroed and the totem just ate the whole pyroblast:< this is approximatly 1 and a half month since i discovered xD

Something else i enjoyed with trolls was using my emotes, the troll dance was just soo hawt, and the silly humor, and they sang this great song ''i kill two dwarf in the morning, i kill two dwarfs at night, i kill two dwarfs in the evening and then i feel alright'' ore something simillar, loved that joke:-D To bad blizzard removed that joke after a patch back in the days:<
My teory is that the dwarf community got offended by the joke and made a post on wow forums, probly something like this: ''NERF TROLL JOKES''!!!

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-Will- sa...

Yeah... i miss the dwarf joke my self:/ Wonder why blizzard removed it.