fredag 7. desember 2007

How it all started part 2

So me and my mate was enjoying the game alot, we went on fotball training this day i got my bear form, had read abit about druids before starting it so i knew i would get it after doing a quest at lvl 10, so i was sure my friend had no clue about what it was, so i told him on fotball training that i had something he didint have, and he would have to wait until he go online to see what it was, suprised i was when i saw him standing in th middle of Ashenvale city dancing in the bear form:-O He had gotten it yesterday allready^^,

As i have told in part 1 my cousin had a druid on this server, dont remember exactly the level but around 35-40. I speaked with him over skype and he said he was online, so i tried to add him to my freind list, hmm thats odd: ''player not found'', must have misspelled it, nope its says ''player not found'' oh god how many times i had tried typing in his name over and over again:< But then he thought, ill come meet you in Ashenvale, so we found a place both could get too, so there we was, at the same place in Ashenvale, but we cant see
eachother:-O So we gave it up that day.

Told the story to a friend of my IRL and ingame, he told me im probly in wrong region, and hell i was xD Me and my friend created our account on , and thats the page for people wanting to play in the US region, me and my mate are both skandinavians so we should play in europe servers, and u have to registrate your account on so we had played from lvl 1 to lvl 16 without knowing that we where on the completely wrong region, but they speak english in the US so how could we know xD

I had a gnome on the server aswell, a gnome rogue lvl 10 i think, i made contact with another gnome ingame aswell, we did quest together and talk abit together, he was not online at the time i was leaving the server to create the account on EU server, so i sendt him a ingame mail were i apologised about leaving and said the reason, i wished him the best of luck and sendt him every penny i had, wich was 50s at the time, kinda miss him;< Hope he got over me and found someone else:-)

My friend had downloaded the EU patches already when i came home one day, he lives about 1mile away from me, i had been to my part time jobb at the time wich was at a workshop store, the patched had taken him all night downloading, so instead of me waiting all day for the patches on my pc getting downloaded, i jumped in my batmobile and took of,its really a suzuki ts50x.....but cant say these is any difference=D

So i got the patches from his pc, he was playing something ingame, it was a big cow, called tauren and was called warrior, this was on another server were our mate hade a troll rogue and he was in a norwegian guild called Buffplz with norwegian people only, its a friends friends guild wich applied nicely to us, since my troll rogue mate is realted to the Guild master girlfriend.

I dont know really why we didint level up on lightings blade again with my cousin, think we was abit tired of playing all the way to lvl 16 (yes it can take darn long time beeing a first characther). So i think i disappointed my cousin by not leveling up something on his server, i tried doing this later but only got to lvl 16 with a druid, and its still lvl 16. But luckely my cousin made a undead mage this summer on my server and is now level 70:-D We do ogri'la Quest together, talk alot an so on:) (his druid at lighting blade is 70 awell, yey:-D)

So i was gonna make myself a hordie now, i had seen my friends on a tauren warrior and on a troll rogue, and i thought troll was uber cool! so i choosed troll male as race, and started to search the internett for what the different classes could do, and when i read that shamans could turn themself into a wolf that could run 40% faster at lvl 20, and they had totems that gave them improved survival and strenght, i just simply fell in love with them.

There i was starting my epic journey on my shaman:-)

(P.S just got epic flying mount on the shaman today, happy as a boy can be:-D)

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bbr sa...

That's a "lot" of text, starting off with the Wall-Of-Text might scare new readers off.
Good work though, i'll check it out when i get back home.

Cowcontroll sa...

Yeah tryin got figure out how make some of my text like an introduse to what i have written, anyone that knows how to do that?

hollyspike sa...

Great stuff dude! Whisper me when you write some more. Very entertaining.

Andreas sa...

Great reading! Old times, old times..:)

Vegar sa...

Yeah. Some times people are rushing so badly that they use ten minute to save five:P

Vegar sa...

that coment goes to "What! I cant tank either now?:<"

Cowcontroll sa...

Yeah that what i thought Vegar:p