lørdag 26. april 2008

Here is my babies!

Today im posting a picture of all the characters im playing on.

And we will start with the Blue troll:

This is in Pvp gear, 2Vengefull and merciless mostly, getting vengefull next week:-)
This is the first char i made and first i leveled straight to lvl 70, only wish my troll was female though, to many male trolls around theese days>.<

And heres my beef:

Love doing the new dailies on him, no epic flying needed, since doing ogrila Q with 60% is quite boring. So a good golddigger this one:-)

And here is my mystic, deadly and beautifull Blood elf. At lvl 65

One day she will be dominating the arena;-)

And finally my space goat mage:-) Not been playing that much on this one, but who knows, maybe its the new main for WotLK?:-)

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